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Adivaram Farms

Adivaram Farms

Adivaram Farms, a new successful model of Multi-Cropping Farming

P K Ahamed Kutty, a farmer in Adivaram, Kozhikode district, is making progress by writing new sagas of multi-cropping farming. His mixed farming is on a 26-acre plot in the Adivaram of Puthupadi panchayat in Kozhikode district. K. Ahamed Kutty's farm is full of fruit plants, coconut plants, and cattle. After fifteen successful years, this farmer is striving for new experiments in mixed farming. It was the realisation that mixed farming was a flourishing farming method within and outside the state that prompted him to turn to such a venture. In 2015, after closing his business in Bangalore, he returned home and started farming on ten acres.

Mangosteen, Durian, and Coconut were first selected for cultivation. In this type of agriculture, a variety of crops are cultivated as well as livestock rearing. Ahamed Kutty says that mixed farming increases production and provides stable income. The first thing to do after starting the harvest was to find a market for fruits like mangosteen. The first task was to introduce such foreign fruits to the people of India. For this, he had to go to places like Bangalore and Mumbai. Today, the situation has changed. He says there is a lot of demand for products like mangosteen, rambutan, etc. Today, there is a situation where we do not get enough fruits for the market. That itself increases the market potential of such fruits.

A visionary in the field of business, Ahamed Kutty has identified the market for foreign fruits and value-added products and expanded cultivation to more areas. Farming was first started on 8 acres of ten acres in Adivaram. Rambutan was also planted on the remaining two acres three years ago. Later, he bought 16 acres of land at a place called "Kunthalamtheru" near the Thamarassery Pass. Rambutan, pomelo, lychee, grapefruit, pineapple, mangosteen, butter fruit, avocado, etc. have been cultivated there. As part of this, the soil is prepared, and the plants brought from the nurseries are planted. Adjacent to the Wayanad "Kuzhivayal Estate," 29 acres of land have been purchased for cultivation, out of which 16 acres are grown in mangosteen, lychee, rambutan, longan, coffee, etc. He also sees great potential in horti-tourism.
Aahmed Kutty returned home after closing his business in Bangalore with high expectations. Agricultural activities were started with determination in view of the market potential of foreign varieties of fruits. Looking back, Ahamed Kutty says it was an adventure. But now he is relieved that his foresight and hard work have paid off. Each of the fruit trees he planted grew into promising sources of food security without dimming his hopes.